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August 31, 2005 AD
Greetings, all. A few Random Thoughts this time around and a discussion of some of the less-obvious moments of the dark Infocom game Trinity, which was uploaded on the date listed. Just not linked. And I stick to that story even after repeated applications of the rubber hose.

July 15, 2005 AD
'A review should be up... er, eventually.'

Eventually isn't here yet - I've gone off reading and onto crosswords of late, having fun beating the NYT Sunday one into submission by Tuesday - but some medical stuff is here, a month late.

June 3, 2005 AD
Whither go May? Sacrificed upon the altar of Real Life. June and possibly July suspected to go that way as well.

One note, though, after reporting on the death of author Tristan Egolf, it feels... weird... to go back to the same ol' updates. I'm going to have to have a long think on the future of this site one of these days. There will be changes.

Anyway, on to the update. Just a few more Thoughts, and a review should be up... er, eventually. Sorry folks, Life lacks a hold button.

April 28, 2005 AD
And in this month's misadventures, we have Thoughts and a good review, plus a save editor for the ancient Sega game Wonder Boy 3. Holler if I forgot to upload it. Done in QBasic. No promises it works. Download at own risk.

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Tonight's undercard:

Sitemap Updated sometime in the past six years.
How to get into the deeper reaches of this site.

Martial Law:
Martial Rantists: The (In)complete Martial Law Updated whenever the fancy takes me.
My magnum rantus, on the show Martial Law. A lot of reading.

Chronicles, Litanies, and Fanboy Obsessions:
Len's Lack-of-Sleep Litanies Updated so often it makes your head spin.
Where the most recent and unsettling updates are.

The Egolf Chronicles Updated with frightening bimonthly regularity.
Where the recent and most unsettling updates are.

Len's (Previous) Lack-of-Sleep Litanies Updated whenever the moon turns to blood, give or take.
Where the (least) most recent and unsettling updates are.

The Egolf Chronicles, V1.0 Updated virtually never.
Where the (least) recent and most unsettling updates are.

The Egolf Chronicles, V2.0 Updated with frightening yearly irregularity.
Where the (less) recent and more unsettling updates are.

Recent Updates Updated... recently
Where the recently unsettled updates are, mostly.

Doom and its relatives:
Fusion Updated October 28, 2000
The time has come. The much delayed engine is here. Doom guys (and gals) may now jump for joy, just like their little onscreen avatar can.

StrifeDoom 2000 Updated September 1, 2000
Is it Earth? Not quite. Hold on to your Sigil and pray to the One God for the best.

The Patchwork Empire Updated March 20, 2000
What you get when you put the Doom IWADs in a blender set to "puree".

HereDoom Updated March 20, 2000
I don't think we're on Phobos anymore, Toto....

DEH combo pack Updated March 20, 2000
The Former Human Suicide Bomber - Explosives and murderous zombies don't mix.
The Keen Camouflage Imp - As opposed to The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
Killable Twitching Corpses - Shootable shish-ka-bobs.

MBF Tech support Updated March 20, 2000
The best free tech support, other than Microsoft's. (HA!)

What is MBF, anyway? Updated March 20, 2000
MBF: it's not just three letters anymore.

Math Time! Updated December 26, 1999
School's in - Doom school, that is. All answers must be written in #2 pencil on the back of a dried orange peel.

The Oracle Scene V1.0 Updated November 17, 1999
If you've played Strife, you've chit-chatted with The Oracle. But do you know how that conversation was originally meant to go? Look here and all will be revealed, simple one.

Hexen Oddities Updated September 28, 2001
Frozen ettins and bridge-building fighters and screenshots, oh my!

Creative Miscellany Updated December 4, 2000
Everything else.

Miscellaneous Creativity Updated January 27, 2001
Everything else that isn't Doom.

The Space of Trades: The (In)complete Trading Spaces. Not Updated Anymore
A now-defunct rant page dedicated to Trading Spaces. The $100,000 rant is actually very good. The other stuff? Ehhhhhhh.

Medieval Knights! Updated January, 2005
Action figure knights and the twisted tales of their land.

Rants, served with whine:
Dark Catharsis Updated Whenever
I could have called them rants, but that would be too easy.:)

Bright Catharsis Updated recently, but not as recently as Whenever
I could have called it humor, but that would be far too easy.:)

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