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August 26, 2007 AD (The Egolf Chronicles, V39.1)
Packing for a move is never fun. It's less fun when the move keeps getting pushed back so you need to then unpack stuff you packed so you can use it. It's even less fun when it takes time from being a rabid fanboy.

The Google Alerts have been coming fast and furious since Journeyman was stuck on the fall schedule. Random highlights:

A short item on how it's not like The Time Traveller's Wife.

Photos and videos and being stuck on dialup sucks! (Expecting that to end "and bears, oh my!"?)

Journeyman preview on September 8th, apparently. Being stuck in a place with no cable coverage also sucks. (Not bitter.)

An optimistic preview. And all these articles using words like 'attractive' are always nice. (Finally! Vindi-freakin'-cation!)

December 17, 2007 AD (The Egolf Chronicles, V39.2)
My my, I've been a lazy fanboy. This whole move-across-the-country thing has taken a lot of out me. Between work/looking for work and the insanity of life, I haven't had much time at all for television, not even Journeyman.

I did hear the image galleries at referred to as little more than a place for shots of the characters vamping, though I'm having a hard time seeing that as a bad thing.

I also heard something about an apron and hostages second-hand, but sadly neither of those is my particular fetish.

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