Bright Catharsis

WARNING: Within these links lies some rather tasteless humor. People without head colds are advised to go no further.

Heretic porn
Is that an elven wand in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?:) Please do not click on this link if you are under 18. Unless you're totally blind.

Banquet in Hell
This is something I posted to Usenet way back when. Since then, everything's gone downhill. :)

Shop for Women
Ah, poking fun at the odd things you'll see by typing something into a portal/search engine. And this is just the results page, not the results themselves.

SLIGEing for level names
David Chess is to level names what SLIGE is to levels. Or something.

Lesson #666 of demon exorcism:
Time for a quick trip down Infocom memory lane. N. N. W. LOOK AT PAGE.

Customer Service Survey
I really want to serve you better. Especially if you're a sexy woman with lots of money.

Ye Olde Antagonist(e) Clothe Shoppe
Dran Draggore (Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon) and Q (Star Trek: The Next Generation). Superpowerful nonhumans who share a dark secret... they have the same tailor.

Of CT Scans and Kings....
Current page for my CT scan adventures. See also:

Of CT Scans and Kings, Year 1.
Ever had your insides subjected to rotating x-rays? Join me on my first - but not last - journey into the world of chest/pelvis CAT scans.

Of CT Scans and Kings, Year 2.
Even more misadventures in bloodwork, CT scans, and chest X-rays.

My very own blog! K3wl!
My April Fool's 2003 joke. Took the place of my standard rant page.

Dark Worshipper Reciprocity Form 777FWJM
Join me on a trip into the realm of human sacrifice and multi-page forms.

Deus (R)E(du)x
From pixel comics to polygon comics. Watch JC Denton and the rest of the Deus Ex cast get made fun of by me and Microsoft Paint.

Victor Mordenheim's Superstitious Bunkum (Dungeons and Dragons and real-world folklore.)
I didn't write this. Rather, it comes from one of the authors from the now-defunct Secrets of the Kargatane website. Now that their site is gone, I decided to mirror it here. The only changes are to fix the A HREF and IMG SRC links, and to add the preface seen at the top of the page. The 'back' link leads back here.

Victor Mordenheim's Superstitious Bunkum (The Archon Addendum.)
Now, I did write this, a long and rambling addition to one of the entries in the above text. NOT for kids.

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