Dark Catharsis

WARNING: Within these links are many thoughts which you will probably not agree with. Reading these pages may make you wish hideous poxes on me. But no one forced you to read them. Your curiosity is your own downfall.

If you wish lighter fare, you may like this. Or not.

Random thoughts.
A weird and sort-of-wonderful trip through my mind.

Life During Wartime
See Rez. See Rez rant. Go see Rez's rants. (External link.)

Star Wars - The Phantom TV Show
The first stab in the back ZDTV gave its viewership.

You're not an immortal, sparky.
More anti-ZDTV fun, this time directed at Leo Laporte.

The year's best(?) SF 3.
SF fan vs. SF anthology. See who comes out alive.

Weeding Womb.
SF fan vs. SF in general. This time it's impersonal.

RIP id.
The glory days of Doom-ish games from id are over, on to the gory days of DM.

RIP id V2.0.
John Carmack reveals that all is not fun and games at id. Why not? Click the link and see.

Why Halifax/Dartmouth is a booming tourist center
This is the reason I get so hot and bothered over random women I see on TV - look at what I can pick from the local crop!

Klein bottle for sale, inquire within
An educational non-rant, brought to you by the letters theta and sigma, and the number i.

Requiem for a television genre.
I did a good Trading Spaces rant, and I did a bad Trading Spaces rant. This is the bad one.

A Shock to the System.
Or, when I stopped trusting CGW's reviewers: The System Shock 2 review.

An actual GOOD customer service experience
I was very happy with my CD purchase from MbD Records. Here's why.

A free plot for your favorite Clock.
A rant on a subset of a specific webpage. Still, might be good for those writers and artists who hate reviews. Or people who like listening to radio shows with nudity. You sick fooks.

Go back! Back I say!
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