Medieval Knights!

(My pics.)

(Note to Googlers: These are action figures. Pictures of action figures. You may go now.)

WARNING: Lots of images below! Slow connections beware!

These pictures are mine, made by the simple expedient of lying the stuff on my scanner and running it with the lid up, providing a black(ish)background. (The dust is, er, 'atmosphere'. Yeah.) A genuine black background requires me to trace around the figures manually. The things I do for you.

Pictures appear in rough order of purchase.

Demon CentaurMy first purchase. Isn't he adorable? As mentioned elsewhere, I got him due to his similarity to a Doom monster I'm working on. Torso turns, nothing else does. His arm must be sore, held up like that.

Flying Gremlin Thingy My second purchase. Instead of having one rather lonely looking Scary on my shelf, now I had two locked in mortal combat. However, Flying Gremlin Thingy here is rather back-heavy and tends to fall over. So I backed him against the wall. Wings move and so do both sets of arms. Thing is, the arms on one side rotate as a unit, so if he were to strike with his left sword-arm, he'd risk stabbing his wing with the unremovable dagger he's holding.

Knight WithAh, the noble Knight With, as I've taken to calling him. Third purchase, along with the horse, barbarian, and three-headed snakey. Take note of the shield and removable breastplate design. (Like all human-types, the arms move.)

Sold Separately HorseSadly, the horse's (dubbed Sold Separately) legs are more rubbery than they perhaps should be, and the load-bearing back-left leg tends to bend lower and lower until it tips. This is the origin of Sold's, ahem, problem.

HorselessThe Horseless Barbarian, as I call him, is the only human-type in the current one-dollar line that has two hands free and a separate shield. There's a neat protrusion in the back of his cape that his shield fits into, so he can either carry the shield or have it on his back like I remember seeing some medieval-esque crossbowmen carrying them. (The idea there was that they'd turn their backs when reloading.)

Three-Headed Snakey ManThree-Headed Snakey Man. All three heads move, and tend to get into each other's way. Note that instead of two silver weapons, there's three gray-brown ones.

Dave D. DraginAh, a dragonish creature. I call him Dave D. Dragin. Rather creepy critter, no? Like he should belch cigar smoke instead of proper fire. Wings move as a unit (and are removable), arms move, gold headguard is removable. I thought this was a lucky purchase, as it required much digging in the racks, and he was the last one. Then a month later they restocked and had scads of 'em. But they go faster than everything else, I've noticed.

Oooh! The White Knight!Of course, with the critters outnumbering the humans, I had to get some reinforcements, right? The glorious White Knight.

Lord Hax0r of Leetville, the Bluish Knight, the head of the Society of the Bronze Breastplate, etc.And the nominally less glorious Bluish Knight. Notice that the model is identical to Knight With up there, except the color is different - not just in color, but in pattern, like how the faceplates are painted. The armor is also a different color, bronze instead of silver.

Knight Grillface of EasterwestMy next pair of purchases were these guys with trendy car grills for face masks.

Knight Grillface of WestereastAgain, notice the different paint job.

Skintight suit under the barbarian pants.My final purchases, up to this point. One guy I'd missed repeatedly, this clothed barbarian was hard to find. But during that Great Restocking I mentioned, I grabbed up everything that looked remotely unfamiliar.

The, er, magenta knight?I also got this guy, the rather magentaish clone of the White Knight.

Snakey 2.0 At the same time, got a bit overzealous (and forgetful) and bought duplicates of Bluish and those two grillfaces. Plus I also bought this Snakey. I'd assumed he was slightly different because he came with silver weapons. Surprise! No change, just the number and type of weapons (fake-silver ones must be a touch more expensive than dull plastic, as there's always fewer).

Within box, With in box This is what one of them looks like boxed up, weapons (usually) stored apart from the figure. The crooked appearance is because a full box doesn't fit well on the scanner. The bottom sticks out, so it's further away from the glass and thus scans smaller. I corrected it as much as I could without it looking weird.

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