Medieval Knights!

(Everyone else's pics.)

(Note to Googlers: These are action figures. Pictures of action figures. You may go now.)

WARNING: Lots of images below! Slow connections beware!

These pictures have been collected from across the Internet. Filenames are identical to their originals (except the one I cropped - the full image is the correct filename), so a Google image search for the file name should dig 'em up should I forget to credit them.

Dark knight, in box. A baddie. Obviously more than dollar-store fare, where a cheaper version of the knight would be a buck, as would the horse. The weapons wouldn't be as varied, either. No idea how the horse stands up.

Light knight, in box. A presumed-goodie, who has "light-up power" like his evil kinsman above. Note that the horse model is identical, just differently-colored. That's a common theme in this series.

Back of box. Back of the box. I LOVE the dragon model. I have a few of the action figures pictured. The three-headed purple snakey man on the castle parapet, a red version of the smaller blue dragon thing on the opposite parapet, the green winged goblin-guy between them, and the red centaurish demon in front of the castle gates.

Carnage!Apologies for forcing anyone on 640x480 to scroll. Everyone on 800x600 would have had to, too, if I'd included the whole image. I have all the guys in this image (I don't have the white horse in the whole version), except for the dragony-types. My dragon has the red-and-orange body of the far right one, but the purple-tinted wings of the other. Odd.

Grrrr.Ah, the Demon Centaur. My first purchase, due to his similarity to a Doom monster I'm working on. Then I bought a flying green thing, then some humans....

Eeevil!The evil knight from above, only now he's not wearing his helmet and he's riding a rather snappy dragon.

Gooood!The good knight from above, on another snappy dragon. Note that again it's the same model creature, just with different colors.

Tiny Good Tiny Back Tiny Good Dragon

You don't think someone, ahem, 'borrowed' these six shots from someone else without mentioning it, do you? Even though I had to rename the bottom-center one here (from generic_knights_back_crop to generic_knights_back_crop_small) because it had a filename matching the larger original on the other site?

Tiny Evil Tiny Back 2 Tiny Evil Dragon

Unlike this one, which - notice the 'choking hazard' sticker placement, upper right here vs. lower left on the previous images - is a different shot. These people seem to have access to the actual box. I'm jealous.

But how's this for odd: Due to the wonders of mergers and other corporate dancing, the South African sites for 'Reggies' and 'Toys 'R' Us' are almost identical on the back end. For example, check the source page for this image and the next one and tell me they don't look similar. Hell, the images are sitting in open directories. Look at the darn things (Reggies vs Toys 'R' Us). Most of the files on both sites match up!

Oooh, now this is interesting. A series of critters, with the weapons shared between them. The longer box also provides for a dragon vs. horse confrontation next to the logo.

Contained therein is the blue barbarian and snakey man like I can get here, plus a horse from the same mold as my Sold Separately, but colored more like the 'evil' charger from the higher-end run (see previous image). He actually goes well with the blue barbarian, from what I can see.

Also here is another dragonet. (I'll be describing dragonets with colors from now on, in the format of body/arm/wing support/wing colors.) Unlike my red/orange/purple/black, or the red/orange/green/black and the blue/red/purple/black seen elsewhere on this page, this guy is dark green/black/black/green. And the wings seem to be made a bit thinner (weaker...?) so light can pass through them easier. Unless they're green-yellow and the thinness is just an optical illusion caused by the yellow of the wings against the yellow packaging.

There's also the whole run of generic gray weapons plus the shield (which is actually less than I'd get here buying the snakey and blue barbarian, but anyway...).


Similar to above, but with one less monster and no horse. It's a regular-width package (so no dragon near the logo) but taller to fit the weapons. The wall drawn(?) behind the weapons is rather novel. Incidentally, since the dragonet comes with no weapons, this one features more weapons than I'd get in a similar group of stuff here. Not that it's terribly relevant - I have so much extra hardware that I used scissors and scotch tape to convert a pair of MK cardboard backings into a box to hold them in.

Incidentally, Toys 'R' Us South Africa claims both of these items come 'With power weapons'. Power weapons? Like chainsaws, or laser rifles...?

This is advertised as 'Medieval Knights - figuurtje met licht'. I guess 'figuurtje met licht' means 'figure with light'. He looks to be the high-end knight guy, except minus his horse, one sword, and his helmet. Man, he's got to walk everywhere and will get cold ears. That sucks.

The site also claims it's available in various 'kleur's, such as blauw, paars, and zwart. (Blue, purple, and black, I think.)


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