Tsk tsk!

Well, well, well. All that talk about Gretchen Egolf's nude scene in More Lies About Jerzy sure went to someone's... ahem... head, didn't it?:)

You know, I would have thought that the banner ad at the top of the last page would have tipped you off that something was wrong with this index list. (Assuming you're visiting the Triopd mirror, anyway.) Or the misspelled "directory". Or the haxx0r message at the bottom. But someone like you has never really been big on subtlety, has he?:)

And if you got here through a search engine, I have little sympathy. The easiest way to get here is via the search string "gretchen egolf nude", so you're just as bad as someone who clicked on the bait "egolfnud.jpg" link one page back.

Oh, and don't feel embarrassed. Several people have fallen for it. I've also fallen for similar bait on Usenet and in other such places.:)

Go back, you deviant! Back I say!
Go back slightly more than EVEN FURTHER!
Run along home, you sick perv.
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