ImaG.E. Listings and Lousy Puns.

Well, several of youse very nice peoples have been sending me Gretchen Egolf images you think I'm missing from my collection. I really appreciate it, though I do think - to save you the trouble of piping 200K of JPG through your lines for nothing - I'll list the images I have, just so you can see if I already have it before sending. Some of you are on pay connections, after all, and that can't be helping the phone bill any.

(No links to any images, sadly, since I don't know how well my webspace will hold against that sort of thing. However, I may cave in to a request or two. Especially if there's something not on this list that you happen to have.:)

Items alternate between light blue and cyan so they can be clearly differentiated. Thumbnails, simple resizings, branded versions I have more pristine copies of, and things smaller than about 100x100 aren't listed unless they were handy. Also not listed are things where Gretchen is "third pixel from the right", like 04.jpg, a shot of the Vineyard theater that has a broadsheet review of More Lies About Jerzy which features a very pixelized picture that matches lies.jpg below.

Another unlisted item is the thumbnail (all I could get) of a banner-shaped image with a picture of Gretchen as Vanessa Whitaker and text that - as far as I can tell - reads "Intergalactic Bad Bunny". It deserves a mention, at least.:)

My own Roswell captures/image edits/PDF captures aren't listed here, of course. Since there's about 500 of them.

Martial Law:
(Pixels and Mortar.)
I call these shots the "Pixels and Mortar" shots because they were all done at the same time, somewhere where there's a brick façade. I've seen three in the series, the two below (yeartwocast.jpg, spoile5.jpg) and one of Sammo Hung and Arsenio Hall peering around a corner. I've also modified alphabetical order for this list, since half of the images are obviously "children" of a color version of yeartwocast.jpg!

FILENAME                  | SIZE    | DESCRIPTION
yeartwocast.jpg           | 732x924 | The four season two regulars.
                                      Thankee to Lee Goldberg for keeping
                                      image archives.
                                      Just wish it coulda been color.:)
3_4_10c_41791.jpg         | 160x213 | Like yeartwocast.jpg, but smaller
                                      and in color. Dusty brown color that
                                      makes all four of the actors look
                                      almost the same race, but color 
346.jpg                   | 150x192 | Like yeartwocast.jpg but much
                                      smaller and all shading leaning
                                      dangerously near to "cranberry red".
egolf6.jpg                | 200x253 | Monochrome, zoomed part of 
                                      yeartwocast.jpg - specifically,
                                      Gretchen's head and shoulders.
mar1.JPG                  | 400x247 | Color, top half of yeartwocast.jpg
                                      with Chinese writing on it. Color is 
                                      okay, but brightness is whacked out.
spoile5.jpg               | 196x261 | Gretchen standing against a brick
                                      (and metal?) wall. Head and blouse
                                      collar visible.
gegolf.jpg                | 158x171 | Same as spoile5.jpg, but lower-res and
                                      encompassing all of Gretchen's 
flicshanghai03.jpg        | 250x290 | Take 3_4_10c_41791.jpg and make it
                                      monochrome. Then make it dusty brown
20010926144729            | 230x270 | Yet another of yeartwocast.jpg's
_MartialLaw_mid.jpg                   brethren. Color.
Martial Law:
(Everything else.)
FILENAME                  | SIZE    | DESCRIPTION
MLCAST.jpg                | 225x337 | A different cast shot, amazingly.
mlch07.jpg                | 250x184 | The much-maligned opening credit shot.
SAMMO_MINA_GRETCHEN.jpg   | 596x348 | Also listed in Misc., below.
MLCAST.JPG is an interesting one. I think the one on Lee Goldberg's site is the original. Someone else made one that was less blurry, likely through a sharpening filter in a PC image editing program. It looks almost like someone saw fit to whack it with a laplacian effect, which I distinctly remember adds 10 years to a woman's looks if used improperly. (I've whacked things with a laplacian in the past. Sounds kinky.)

More Lies About Jerzy:

FILENAME                  | SIZE    | DESCRIPTION
010210b_jerzy1.jpg        | 304x200 | Monochrome.
02.jpg                    | 303x200 | See footnote below.
1221a.jpg                 | 200x150 | There's a smaller, brighter version
                                      version called 11378270p1.jpg.
jerzy_two.jpg             | 506x179 | First two images together. Color.
lies.jpg                  | 300x199 | See footnote below.
morelies.jpg              | 343x221 | Larger, cropped version of
Footnote: 03.jpg has three names on the Internet: 03.jpg, lies.jpg, and jerzy2.jpg - they're all the same, down to a binary match. On the other hand, jerzy1.jpg and 02.jpg look the same, but are not a binary match. Make sense?:)


FILENAME                  | SIZE    | DESCRIPTION
24PEditNicolas_02_Big.jpg | 960x540
24PEditNicolas_05_Big.jpg | 960x540
BeatuifulGretchen.JPG     | 709x373 | Their typo, not mine.:)
                                      (Though I agree with the sentiment.:)
GretchenFire.JPG          | 717x377 | You got a thing for a woman lit by
GretchenJasonToast.JPG    | 718x369
MarcusBadAss.JPG          | 720x369 | You got a thing for the...
MarcusGretchen.JPG        | 717x365
Marcusintense.JPG         | 718x369 | ... back of a woman's head?:)
nicholas1.jpg             | 150x085
nicolas2.jpg              | 225x108 | A smaller Marcusintense.JPG.
(Crashdown ones below due to nonstandard listing.)
FILENAME                  | SIZE    | DESCRIPTION
2ADA01-06.jpg             | 320x240
2ADA03-09.jpg             | 352x240
2ADA03-10.jpg             | 352x240
2ADA03-11.jpg             | 352x240
2ada01_14.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_15.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_44.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_52.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_53.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_54.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_55.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_63.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_77.jpg             | 376x282
2ada01_82.jpg             | 376x282
egolf2.jpg                | 200x187
gretchen01.jpg            | 498x412
gretchen02.jpg            | 498x412 > There's a few images here that I
gretchen03.jpg            | 498x412 > like so much that I can almost feel...
gretchen04.jpg            | 498x412
gretchen05.jpg            | 498x412
gretchen06.jpg            | 498x412
gretchen07.jpg            | 498x412
gretchen08.jpg            | 498x412
gretchen09.jpg            | 498x412
gretchen10.jpg            | 498x412
gretchen11.jpg            | 498x412 > ... my endorphin levels skyrocketing.
gretchen12.jpg            | 498x412 > Experimenting with drugs and women,
gretchen13.jpg            | 498x412 > legally. :)
gretchen14.jpg            | 350x438 | This one looks a bit off. Unlike a 
                                      screencap, for some reason.*
img578.gif                | 158x119
P2ADA01-36.jpg            | 352x240
P2ADA06-02.jpg            | 352x240
ros201g.jpg               | 640x480 | Originally ROS201_028.BMP, or 
ros201b.jpg                           something. It has two names for what
Or something.                         seemed to be a good reason at 
                                      the time. Gamma correction, or
whitaker1.jpg             | 498x412 | Binary match for gretchen07.jpg
whitaker2.jpg             | 498x412 | Binary match for gretchen10.jpg
whitaker3.jpg             | 498x412 | Binary match for gretchen03.jpg
whittaker.jpg             | 305x309 | What do you know, someone else who
                                      uses high gamma.:)
                                      Not the most flattering shot, though.
* Update, January 24, 2002 AD: I just figured it out. Not only does the scowl do nothing for her looks, the shot was taken at a different time. For one thing, it's mirrored to make it match the scene in Roswell it's patterned after: It looks like her blouse closes like a man's shirt does and her hair is parted on the wrong side. If you mirror it back to normal, though, she's holding the electrical wire in the wrong hand and facing the wrong direction,

But that doesn't explain why the mirrored shot gives me the giggles. (Maybe because I can't help but think she looks cock-eyed.)


FILENAME                  | SIZE    | DESCRIPTION
16_MPhillipsGEgolf.jpg    | 318x300 | Also listed below.
Egolf.GIF                 | 244x338 | Headshot.
egolf.jpg                 | 300x432 | Other headshot.
gretchennew.jpg           | 255x327 | A smaller version of the other
                                      headshot. Higher gamma, but slightly
                                      larger photographing area (not cropped
                                      as much). Where do these people get
                                      these things?
egolf3.jpg                | 200x284 | JPG of egolf.gif
egolf.jpg                 | 234x330 | Other JPG of egolf.gif
jackie.jpg                | 156x239 | Autographed Jackie: An American Life
jackie.jpg                | 267x423 | Different (and better quality)
                                      autographed Jackie: An American Life
ringsteps.jpg             | 322x254 | Ring Round the Moon (Newspaper photo?)
SAMMO_MINA_GRETCHEN.jpg   | 596x348 | Well, it's not an ML PR shot!:)
HighDef_Sep-Oct_2000L.pdf |         | Not an image, but it has some in it.
                                      Needs Acrobat 4.x.

Presumed relations:
(And other people who know if she snores.)
FILENAME                  | SIZE    | DESCRIPTION
16_MPhillipsGEgolf.jpg    | 318x300 | Gretchen and Mason Phillips.
20_tristan_E.jpg          | 150x225 | Tristan Egolf.
carneross.gif             | 250x176 | Mason Phillips with the cast
                                      and author of The Fox.
egolf.jpg                 | 200x127 | Tristan Egolf.
egolf2.jpg                | 438x250 | A heavily-edited Tristan Egolf.
egolf-intro.jpg           | 173x180 | Cropped shot of egolf2.jpg.
egolf_t.gif               | 085x101 | Tristan Egolf.
fox2.jpg                  | 099x133 | Mason Phillips and someone else
                                      from The Fox.
                                      Why's Mason always so lo-res in
                                      these shots?
paulas_picture.jpg        | 263x389 | Paula Egolf.
tristan1sh.jpg            | 130x143 | Tristan Egolf.
tristan2sh.jpg            | 293x379 | Tristan Egolf being a bit of a ham.:)
Misc. misc:
Some more Roswell ones I couldn't be bothered to catalog, since there's some non-Gretchen ones in the mix. For the most part, I could grab better screencaps myself anyway.

39ebbb1c.jpg 39dfe55d.jpg 39dfe787.jpg 39dfe874.jpg 39dfe891.jpg
39dfe8a9.jpg 39dfe8bf.jpg 39dfe8f4.jpg 39dfe92c.jpg 39dfea5e.jpg 
39dfea8d.jpg 39dfeaaf.jpg 39dfead6.jpg 39dfeaf4.jpg 39dfeb16.jpg 
39dfeb3c.jpg 39dfee19.jpg 39dfee34.jpg 39e2ac63.jpg 39e2aea2.jpg 
39e2aec9.jpg 39e2aee1.jpg 39ebb2d2.jpg 39ebb305.jpg 39ebb5ac.jpg 
39ebb5cb.jpg 39ebb5ea.jpg 39ebb6cd.jpg 39ebb836.jpg 39ebbabc.jpg 
39ebbad8.jpg 39ebbaf5.jpg 39dfe4b8.jpg 
Here's the ones, renamed slightly since Crashdown accidentally numbered two episodes the same.

All images are, I think, 400x300.

ss201-029.jpg ss201-032.jpg ss201-072.jpg ss201-073.jpg ss201-074.jpg
ss201-086.jpg ss201-087.jpg ss201-088.jpg ss201-091.jpg ss201-092.jpg
ss201-093.jpg ss201-094.jpg ss201-096.jpg ss201-097.jpg ss201-098.jpg
ss201-100.jpg ss201-101.jpg ss201-102.jpg ss201-117.jpg ss201-118.jpg
ss201-119.jpg ss201-120.jpg ss201-121.jpg ss201-139.jpg ss201-143.jpg
ss201-152.jpg ss201-154.jpg ss201-168.jpg ss201-169.jpg ss201-170.jpg
ss202-145.jpg ss202-146.jpg ss202-148.jpg ss202-151.jpg ss202-152.jpg
ss202-153.jpg ss202-154.jpg ss202-155.jpg ss202-157.jpg ss202-186.jpg
ss202-187.jpg ss202-188.jpg ss202-189.jpg ss202-190.jpg ss202-191.jpg
ss202-192.jpg ss202-193.jpg ss202-194.jpg ss202-195.jpg ss202-196.jpg
ss202-197.jpg ss202-198.jpg ss202-199.jpg ss202-200.jpg ss202-201.jpg

203-064.jpg 203-068.jpg 203-069.jpg 203-070.jpg 203-071.jpg 203-074.jpg
203-075.jpg 203-076.jpg 203-077.jpg 203-078.jpg 203-080.jpg 203-193.jpg
203-195.jpg 203-196.jpg 203-197.jpg 203-201.jpg 203-205.jpg 203-300.jpg
203-302.jpg 203-303.jpg 203-304.jpg 203-305.jpg 203-307.jpg 203-308.jpg
203-309.jpg 203-310.jpg 203-311.jpg 203-313.jpg 203-315.jpg 203-316.jpg
203-321.jpg 203-322.jpg 203-323.jpg 203-326.jpg 203-327.jpg 203-329.jpg
206-016.jpg 206-018.jpg 206-096.jpg 206-137.jpg 206-140.jpg 206-141.jpg
206-143.jpg 206-146.jpg 206-148.jpg 206-151.jpg

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