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Dran Draggore John De Lancie as Q (Spoilers herein for the Big Finales of both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon. You have been warned.)

I'd like to apologize to the people on 640x400 monitors. This must be cramped. Actually, it's not that hot on my 800x600 with large fonts, either.

To your left is some pictures of the final bad guy from Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon, Dran Draggore. (With a name like that, there's no chance he's a polymorphed red dragon, right?) To your right is a similar string of pictures of actor John de Lancie while decked out as Q in Star Trek: TNG episodes Encounter at Farpoint and All Good Things.... (Incidentally, he apparently played Bernard Kirby in the independent film Nicolas, which I have an interest in mostly due to the lady who played Laura Miller. What, you think I went looking for some John deLancie pics because I'm a Trekkie?:)

(Though I do admit to watching a few episodes, specifically these two eps mentioned above, the first and last of the series. But I guessed a little too easy for my taste that the strange temporal anomaly in All Good Things.... that was bigger 20 years previous and nonexistent 20 years ahead was simply exploding backwards in time. But that's because I've read too many Doctor Who novels. Nice idea, nonetheless.)

While I'm thinking about it - Geordie LaForge looks at a scan of the anomaly and states that it "was created less than six hours ago". If it's moving backwards in time, wouldn't that mean that there was nothing there to scan?

Where was I? Oh! Anyway: Look at the pictures of Dran and Q. Notice something? Like that both men are wearing large headgear with fabric that surrounds their head and chin? That they're both in red gloves? That they're both in red cloaks, though Dran's is rather longer? That they both have a penchant for wild necklaces? (Oh, Dran, you must tell me the name of your jeweler.) You think that these two guys shop at the same store or something?:)

(Encounter at Farpoint would have run in about 1987. The Legend of Darkmoon is copyrighted 1991. So it looks like there was a Trekkie on the art direction crew for that game.:)

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