Trading Spaces

(2003 episodes)

Jersey Shore: South Laurel Drive - Handy Andy of Changing Rooms stops by to deride Doug and be friendly with Frank. Stuff is built. Water lines defy the attempts of mortal men to turn them off. Paige puts on a puppet show where she gets eaten by a designer. (Short synopsis, skips many scenes.)

Pennsylvania: Conway Avenue - Anna Ryder Richardson of Changing Rooms shows up and puts Laurie Smith's designing skills to shame. Carter enjoys being mauled by Paige and Anna.

Atlanta: Highlands Trace - An oddly-named locale sees too many odd things for one show. Hildi destroys a room with cardboard; Frank goes Bavarian and it works; Ty handles phallic furniture and pokes at a beaver with a carrot; Freud comes back from the dead to ask Ty about his mother. Only one of those is false. (Note: Synop is as short as the fuse I have when it comes to Hildi and her wall treatments.)

(2004 episodes)

Nashville: Murphywood Crossing - Laurie's Southern accent and mannerisms vanish while her hair unkinks itself, her face contorts in interesting and strange ways, and the rest of her puts up a wall. Rick Rifle actually does something nice. Amy Wynn's just her normal snoggable self. Paige has really butch hair going on. (Warning: Bit of an edge on this one, more ranty than humorous.)

Houston: Mulberry Hill Lane - Hildi summons a giant headboard. Frank finds his thrill on Mulberry Hill, getting almost orgasmic joy from distressing wood. Ewwww. Andrew Dan-Jumbo of While You Were Out fame works with wood and messes with Hildi's schedule.

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