'Nice Picture.'

Hey, thanks. My HP scanner (card backgrounds, the shot in the center of Ace of Spades),
Google (both plain search and image search),
Corel Photo-Paint 11 (putting it all together, rotating),
Microsoft Paint (some tweaking, the joker),
and, most of all, lil' ol' me, thank you.

Images used without permission, so a lot of other people probably don't thank you.


Repeat of main page disclaimer: And, incidentally, this picture wasn't inspired by a certain more notorious deck of picture cards: The title "The Space of Trades" (a semi-Spoonerism on "The Ace of Spades") came first. The ace design came second. The overall card theme grew from that. I didn't even think of the negative connotation until this page was uploaded and I was testing it. (Sigh.) They gotta ruin the perfectly decent nudie deck metaphor for the rest of us....

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