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The Screwfly Solution

The Screwfly Solution by 'Racoona Sheldon', apparently AKA 'James Triptree Jr.' and Alice Sheldon. I read this years ago, but I have high clarity of memory because of how much I hated this story.

Allow me to summarize this story as quickly as possible.... Humans:insects::aliens:humans. Humans are to insects as aliens are to humans. The story is about unseen ('til the end) aliens who contaminate the earth with a disease that makes the men all kill the women, with appropriate stops along the way at death cults and sexual perversion.

Woo. We treat the bugs bad, killing them or confusing them pheromonally, so some day it might happen to us. Again, I dislike the stories where humanity loses just for the hell of it, but this one does it particularly unpleasantly. If it's to make me pity the bug I use Raid on, it didn't work.

The only reason I write this review is because I recently ran into a series of reviews praising this story. Well, let me bluntly counter: 'The Screwfly Solution' bites it, big time.

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