Weeding Womb

Sexual Dimorphism

Sexual Dimorphism by Kim Stanley Robinson. What's with the odd sex scenes? I finish this rant and the next thing I read is about a guy who sort-of-but-not-quite finds a genetic connection between humans and dolphins as his girlfriend (they're shacked up, and have been for years) takes a lover. In the end he decides to swim out and live with the dolphins after an odd dream involving inter-species sex. It didn't really make much sense, as he keeps seeing signs that his girlfriend is screwing around, and admits he is, then suddenly realizes that she's screwing around when she stays out one night until three AM 'doing paperwork with Mark'. When something's glaringly obvious on page 5, please make sure the main character gets it before page 20.

Sorry, this one really didn't work. And the dream sequence involving the monkey and the dolphin.... Um.... That was just sick.

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