Weeding Womb


Lifework by Mary Soon Lee. Did you read 1984? If so, you're halfway there on this one. A sad little story about the all-seeing, all-knowing government beating one of its rebels into submission by using public humiliation, head games, and finally showing the rebel that her husband (who was not picked for her by the government - she (gasp) picked him herself!) is screwing around. It never seems to occur to the main character that:

A) The government presumably has the technology to edit pictures, since they have an obscene number of spycams and can easily usurp any television screen that they want to in order to broadcast messages (including the image of her husband fighting the good(?) fight against a woman's bra fastener). I'd figure editing something like that (even if it was a moving picture - but hey, that's been done too) would be simple.

B) Many men (most likely including the 'government approved' one she runs in to) screw around on their wives. No amount of surreptitious scanning of one's personal life is going to stop that, unless they can magically control testicles as easily as televisions.

C) The government-approved psychiatrist initially sowed the seeds of discontent, since their marriage had been clearly on a downhill slide only since Big Brother (sorry, 'the system') forced them BOTH to start getting their heads shrunk.

So, in the end it's a sad story that's basically a less violent version of Orwell's Ministry of Love. It's been done, it's been done better (and I didn't even LIKE 1984), let's get on with life.

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