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Flight Correction

Flight Correction by Ken Wharton. A good short story about the Line, a superstrong cable reaching up from Earth to geosynchronous orbit. Or, more accurately, the environmental changes brought about by the Line and the company that owns it. All this is seen through the eyes of a (semi-unwillingly) retired professor and his family, who live near the Line.

The story starts with birds - who theoretically have the ability to sense magnetic fields - starting to migrate to the wrong places whenever their flight path nears the Line, and from there the professor realizes that if the nonmagnetic promises about the Line are false, then perhaps the other promises about its strength and permanance are similarly in doubt. To say more would basically give away the whole plot.

The politics makes sense, the corporate mindset makes sense, and the subplot (the professor retired with his family to this island to run away from his affair with a coworker's wife) is not only realistic in and of itself, it's well-woven with the main plot.

A good story.

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