Weeding Womb

Evolution Never Sleeps

Evolution Never Sleeps by Elisabeth Malartre. Another one with a connection to the preceding story. Like the last story, this one features a glaringly obvious thing on page 5 that no one notices.

Basically, this remote mountain area (where some scientists are working) evolves a pack of carnivorous nocturnal chipmunks. Fine, but then two people reach the conclusion that the chipmunks will soon start attacking live prey instead of carrion, and then these same two people (who are supposed to be scientists - high IQ does not mean common sense) go out the next night right into the chipmunks' turf looking for a certain owl.

The major surprise of this piece is that they got out alive, though the owl didn't. (Pretty amazing chipmunks, being able to down owls, who presumably could fly away before being overwhelmed.)

At least it didn't end with the chipmunks taking over the world, like I half expected.

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