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Border Guards

Border Guards by Greg Egan. Don't make the same mistake I did and try to fathom the whole subplot about Quantum Soccer. While it looks to be integral to the plot, it really is not. I read the first part of the story twice trying to get my mind around it, figuring it was going to be worth something. It wasn't, and I felt gypped that so much work and focus went into something that's simply a tug-of-war requiring a good sense of vector math. The major revelation about it is that this one person is good at it, and likely very good at math and science things.

Now, let's get to the story. This very good soccer player is a complete enigma, an enigma the main character sets out to unravel. To go much further gives away bits of the setting (some of which violate the laws of physics) and figuring that out is half the story's mystery.

Not a bad story, if you skim over the soccer bits. BTW, the text of the story is available online.

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