Weeding Womb

A Slow Day at the Gallery

A Slow Day at the Gallery by A. M. Dellamonica. A story about terrorists. How nice.

Though this time the story is about human terrorists out to destroy a painting which was 'stolen' (thanks to the vagaries of cross-species law) by one alien race and then sold to another. The net effect is that we get to watch fanatics take their anger out on an innocent group for something another group did. And the main character is made to look almost noble for it, since he chooses to die rather than live to face imprisonment. Fine, if that floats your boat, sure, but watching the main nonhuman character (who I liked) die a slow and painful death wasn't my idea of entertainment.

Good writing from a technical standpoint; and I think there's a point somewhere in here, but damned if I can find it. "Terrorism is bad!" maybe...?

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