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A Brief Message to My Readers

A Brief Message to My Readers by Your Humble Author. Not a story, just a short note from me.

I'd like take a moment to say a few things....

I'd like to thank Rez, for various links and rebuttals and other comments. Always nice to have a fact-checker.:)

I'd also like to thank Edward M. Lerner, author of Creative Destruction, for reading my less-than-stellar review and still being very polite and even lightly humorous when he chose to e-mail me. Takes some class to be civil to some freak on the Internet who you'll never meet.

I'd like to apologize to Charles Stross, who's written a few good stories (the entertaining Halo and the decent Rogue Farm) that I have read but not got around to reviewing, leaving his frankly painful Lobsters as this page's only testament to his skills.

I'd also like to apologize to Year's Best SF anthologist David G. Hartwell for my repeated cracks about creeping senility. I don't mean to make any legitimate accusations, but it's just a touch too tempting when faced with someone who anthologizes the same story twice without seemingly noticing. On the bright side, now that Kathryn Cramer is helping anthologize these stories, I'll be poking fun at her whenever I catch mistakes.

And, finally, I'd like to thank my readers. It takes a certain arrogance to review a story when one has no hope of being published, and you guys put up with me wonderfully. Keep it up.:)

The Archon

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