Math time!

You've answered: Y is 25.

Sorry. You're 20 points off.

The answer is 45. While this question looks impossible at first:

It's blue armor, so the damage is split 50/50.

        Y% armor,    110% health.

     - 75% armor,   - 75% health.

     = Y-75% armor,   35% health?

So you've hit a dead end. Not quite. Since there's obviously too much health, the armor must have given out at some point. So we know that the armor ends at zero. That's all you need to know.

     = Y-75% armor,   35% health?

Health took 30 more points damage. So add that to the armor.

     Y-75+30 = 0

     Y-45    = 0

     Y = 45

Or, you can do it this way:

Since we know the start and end values for health, we can figure out how much damage the player took.

     110 - damage = 5

     110 - 5 = damage (simple algebra)

     105 = damage

Okay, so we know the player took 105% damage. Therefore, the armor took the rest.

     armor - (damage total - damage to health) = 0

     Y - (150-105) = 0

     Y - 45 = 0

     Y = 45

So the correct answer is 45.

There's no next question yet. I'll try think of a cunning one. Meanwhile, feel proud that you got through this alive.:)

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