Camouflage Imp


A zoom-in of the middle frame of the morph. I used a program called "Morpher for Windows" by Masakazu Fujimiya. There's a short tutorial with it that made this a whole lot better than it looked after my first shot at morphing.:) Basically, you set up "nodes" that are pulled from one point in the first image to another in the second. The better you set the nodes, the better it looks. For instance, I put nodes around the barrel's top where the nukage is, and around the imp's mouth. That way, the natural hole of the barrel's mouth becomes the imp's mouth, as you can see in the photo. Kind of icky - like he eats the nukage - which means it's also kind of cool.:)

The major drawback is that Morpher dithers the background into the image, for a smoother picture. The problem with this is the bright green "aura" that results when morphing Doom images with a cyan background. (You can see a LOT of greening on this image's legs.) I had to hand-edit some stuff out - that's to be expected - but I left some of the green since we're dealing with nukage anyway. Rather lucky on my part.:)

To get the program I used, visit Hotfiles and download it. Sorry it's not a URL right to the FTP site, but I don't like bandwidth piracy, at least for sites that haven't done anything to me. (Actually, Ziff-Davis' TV wing has done one horrible disservice to me and the rest of the viewing public - see "Dark Catharsis" if you'd care to read my rant on that.)

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