An actual GOOD customer service experience

I got a package in the mail yesterday. Alt-rock (their description) kinda-metally (my description) Machinae Supremacy's debut CD, Deus Ex Machinae. (Many of their songs, including two from the CD, are available here. Full length, no short clips. OGG and MP3 formats. Go to town. I think the site has some handy-dandy flash interface for downloading, but I prefer the plain directory listing.)

They're not a major band, and their publisher, MbD Records, is modest as well. (The name means 'Music by Design', no relation to Surprise by Design, a television show featuring Robert Verdi and Rebecca Cole.)

However, let me tell you that this CD is one professional effort. The first thing I noticed was that it was shrink-wrapped just like a store-bought CD. It speaks to my (sadly) lowered standards for indie band releases that I actually couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the case open for a good ten seconds before noticing the plastic wrapping I was grappling with.

The next thing that I noticed (after winning the battle of the shrink-wrap) was that it even had one of those little booklets that you find with CDs, containing lyrics and a page of band photos. I know this will sound silly, but you know that funny smell that those CD booklets have when first opened? This booklet had that smell. This thing looks like exactly I bought it in a store.

While the band does great music, and I don't mean to take anything away from them, MbD really did an amazing job in the overall presentation of this CD. This isn't some home-burned stuff - this is the real deal. Their delivery was also prompt, and their customer service was excellent: I had some problems figuring out payment methods, being the lame intarweb buying n00b that I am, which were sorted quickly via e-mail.

Even if you're not into alt-rock, it's not all that they have for offer. I recommend looking over their catalog. Amiga fans (which I gather includes some old school MOD music types) might be interested as well.

But am I an isolated incident? I've looked through the message boards for Machinae Supremacy and didn't see one bad word about MbD Records, which is impressive. In fact, I saw a lot of good words. Drooling over the band I expected, but not the distributor. This is an organization that does customer service and does it well. I will download samples of the other stuff they have to offer, and might just buy something as soon as my entertainment budget recovers (stretched it a little thin this month).

Go there. Now. Your esteemed author demands it. (Please?)

(I also demand that someone go and get this into stores, or at least buy it - it's a damn fine CD all around.)

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