Shop for Women

This is sort of a rant, but I figure the humorous results make it worth putting here.:)

One problem with the 'portalization' of search engines is that the main page is now filled with stuff I don't want to see, usually ads disguised as results. Look at what AltaVista (they of the commercials involving urinals) fed me recently.

Comparison shop for women
Now, from the safety of my own home, I can comparison shop for women! I used to risk police stings to do the same thing!

This link takes you directly to Christ

But what if I'm feeling guilty about all my comparison shopping? What if I want to get in touch with my Christian side? Well, back in AltaVista's early portal days, this link came up while looking for info about the picture 'Entry of Christ into Brussels'.

Go back! Back I say!
Run along home.
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