Heretic porn

Those people at Raven are all perverts. Did you ever notice how pornographic Heretic is? If you don't believe me, take a look at these unmodified pics from Heretic:

Naughty little gargoyles!

I ask you: Why did they accidentally color the handle on the hammer flesh-tone instead of gray? (If you don't believe me, crack open your copy of Heretic - or Hexen - and look at the frame MNTRA3. It's just like this.)

Same picture as above, but with gamma correction so I can corrupt people with dark monitors.

So there you have it. Children all over the world are being corrupted by naughty imagery hidden in a perfectly innocent game about killing everything in sight. I say we march on Raven's offices and give everyone there a sound spanking.

Unless they enjoy that sort of thing, of course....

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