Dimensional Gating

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Dimensional gating is the ability for something that exists on one plane of existence to travel to another. Some creatures have the inborn ability to gate, while others rely on magic or magically-charged devices.

Any creature who has been gated to another plane can gate him/her/itself back home simply by force of will, no matter what inate skills he/she/it has. (A being can only gate back to their home plane. Someone who gates to one plane, then another, can only gate back to their home plane by will. They will need some other method to return to the first foreign plane they visited.)

A creature gating back arrives back exactly where it gated out from. Thus, gating in an elevator is considered a bad idea. Any gate-intensive working environment often has a specific area reserved for the feat, often with qualified wizards on hand who will perform gate spells for anyone okayed by the wizard's superiors. (One of the superiors most wizards recognize is called "Lotta Cash".)

Since the angels and whatnot of the Upper World snobbily ignore the other planes, little is known of their abilities. While the Lower World entities are far more extradimensionally active, they're also more paranoid. Thus, the only certainty about their gating skills is that they tend to leave behind a distinctive smell when they gate, related to their elemental realm of birth. This smell hangs in the air for an unnaturally long time, even in heavy winds. The smells are:

Earth Realm: Damp earth.
Air Realm: Ozone.
Fire Realm: Sulphur.
Water Realm: New car smell. (We can't figure that one out, either.)

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