For the Curious

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Hello. Your curiosity is commendable. However, this is not, nor will it ever be, a real Wiki-type online encyclopedia. I'm cribbing their style for the purposes of parody. It may not look great in all browsers - probably doesn't - but I do hope it's at least readable. Don't worry, the rest of the site is staying just as it is, no design changes in the future.

(Fake legalese: While the ideas are mine, the figures and name 'Medieval Knights' aren't - though I did add the exclamation point. That logo you see is just a modification I made of the box art. I'm not attempting to infringe on anyone's rights, just looking for a creative outlet that I can twist and distort horribly. But let's face it, a toy series that never had a cartoon attached and is now being sold in dollar stores probably isn't high on the list of "Intellectual Property Defended by Hordes of Lawyers".)

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