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The Space of Trades:

The (In)complete Trading Spaces.

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Once upon a time, there was a land of happy bunnies. But they never watched Trading Spaces.

The Archon does watch. And then he rants.

Welcome, traveller. Step forward, into the light, and be redecorated....

This site is dedicated to the show Trading Spaces. I've taken to watching it on occasion and turning the skills that I honed ranting about Martial Law to certain episodes. There is little here now, but that may well change. I'd like up update once every two weeks, if I can. Enjoy, and don't take things to seriously. If I accuse a designer of having freebased something in order to think of a design, it doesn't mean I'm really accusing them of drug abuse.

BIG MEAN NASTY DISCLAIMERS: My sense of humor is seriously bent. Some of my humor is libelous, some is disturbing, some is parody, some is just tasteless, and some is truth that just happens to be funny. In the end, all of my most libelous and disturbing commentaries are false. Or the truth twisted so badly that it is as good as a lie. Also: What's left after the lies are gone is opinion. If you're offended, you're offended. Not my fault, as I'm not forcing you to read: your curiosity is your own downfall.

MORE BIG MEAN NASTY DISCLAIMERS: And, incidentally, the heading picture wasn't inspired by a certain more notorious deck of picture cards: The title "The Space of Trades" (a semi-Spoonerism on "The Ace of Spades") came first. The ace design came second. The overall card theme grew from that. I didn't even think of the negative connotation until this page was uploaded and I was testing it. (Sigh.) They gotta ruin the perfectly decent nudie deck metaphor for the rest of us....

But shouting disclaimers is hardly becoming of a good host. Please, take a moment to read your options....

Irregular Episodes:

Special events, ratings grabs, and other such notables.

Ten Thousand Words on One Hundred Grand: A rant on the Trading Spaces $100,000 special. This is the magnum opus that started it all.

Ten Thousand Words on One Hundred Grand: The DVD version. Same text, only harder to read and with a few pictures tossed in to make you think you're getting something extra.

Regular Episodes:

Not-very-special events, typical ratings, and other such unnotables.

2003/2004 episodes - Because I'm so special that I'm not splitting them by season.

Run along home.

This site and everything on it are Copyright (C) The Archon 1999 - 2005, unless otherwise noted. So there.
Trading Spaces is owned by these Banyan people, or something. TLC's got something to do with it, too. I don't own those. If I did, I'd probably fire Laurie. Or Hildi. Or Doug. Or somebody. I'm horrid when I get power. It's like that Tolkien thing.
Oh, and if you use this stuff without my permission (except for the stuff I've taken from others without their permission...), I'll hurt you.

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