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htm index.htm The Realm of The Archon (Martial Rantists)
-htm recent.htm Recent Updates. Len's Lack-of-Sleep Litanies:
--jpg tristan.jpg tristan egolf
-htm frmindex.htm Framed Version
-htm anoindex.htm The Annotated Index
-htm catfight.htm Cat(harsis) fight! Cat(harsis) fight!
--jpg rt3-ge01.jpg (no alt text)
--jpg rt3-ge02.jpg (no alt text)
--jpg rt3-ge03.jpg (no alt text)
--jpg rt3-ge04.jpg cute, drunk, and completely blinded to her right. oooh, ....
--jpg rt3-ge05.jpg insert dumb 4th of july joke here.
--jpg rt3-boom.jpg i didn't need to gamma this one up. no wonder!
--jpg rt3-ge06.jpg she's really not breathing! oh, it's a still shot, never ....
--jpg rt3-gemp.jpg really sexy. gretchen isn't looking bad either.
--mp3 ge-debut.mp3
--jpg rt3-ge15.jpg (no alt text)
--jpg rt3-pj.jpg sammo, walker, and mar-uh, p.j.
-htm egolf.htm The (Continuing) Egolf Chronicles.
--jpg rt3-gs34.jpg i have killed the tnn logo. all is right with the world.
--htm wwoman.htm A Woman Who Makes You Wonder
--jpg rt3-gs35.jpg subtle editing - compare to the big pic.
--jpg rt3-gs36.jpg think 'bad girl'. think 'bad girl'. bah, method acting ....
--jpg rt3-gs37.jpg (annoying smoochy sounds.)
--jpg thelook.jpg
--jpg rt3-gh01.jpg gleason 1.
--jpg rt3-gh11.jpg gleason 2.
--mp3 gleason.mp3
--jpg rt3-gh21.jpg gleason 3.
--jpg rt3-gh31.jpg gleason 4.
--jpg rt3-gh41.jpg gleason 5.
--jpg rt3-gs38.jpg gretchen egolf did not win the emmy for this look, for ....
--jpg rt3-ge39.jpg my lightly-messed hair makes me look your age. oh, wait, i ....
--jpg picture.jpg
--mp3 appleby.mp3
--jpg rt3-ge40.jpg what's that blue thing?
--jpg rt3-ge41.jpg well, she's not calling me. she's happy.
--jpg pollyrosebaby_web_400x600.jpg
--jpg rt3-baby.jpg aww! (click to zoom.)
-htm gretchen.htm The Egolf Chronicles.
--jpg rt3-ge07.jpg this pic is here for the cute factor.
--gif russian1.gif hot underage russian text.
--gif russian5.gif german in russian.
--gif russian6.gif some other language in russian.
--gif russian7.gif looks nothing like the russian for actor....
--gif russian8.gif those two things on the side aren't cyrillic. they're ....
--gif russian2.gif transposition trainspotting.
--gif russian4.gif the proper ch sound.
--gif russian3.gif y-ish.
--gif russian9.gif figure it out.
--jpg rt3-ge16.jpg what a way to go.
--jpg rt3-ge17.jpg entschuldigung, ich spreche kein deutsch.
--jpg rt3-ge18.jpg ...crashes any browsers.
--jpg rt3-te18.jpg let's see if my html abuse...
--mp3 nothuman.mp3
--jpg rt3-ge19.jpg for once the adults are getting more than the teens on a ....
--jpg rt3-dc19.jpg
-htm litanies.htm Len's Lack-of-Sleep Litanies.
--jpg hsquarct.jpg
--jpg hsquarah.jpg
-htm lackof.htm Len's (Previous) Lack-of-Sleep Litanies.
--gif rt3-merg.gif
--gif yamo.gif yamo yodels for bruce's benefit.
--gif flue.gif
--mp3 backgrd.mp3
--gif dickson.gif txt.gif
--gif tnnhtml.gif
--jpg rt3-mls2.jpg
-htm season11.htm Season One, Part One: "Shanghai Express" to "Lock-Up"
-htm season12.htm Season One, Part Two: "Painted Faces" to "End Game"
-htm season21.htm Season Two, Part One: "Sammo Blammo" to "No Quarter"
-htm season22.htm Season Two, Part Two: "Scorpio Rising" to "Final Conflict, ....
-htm egolf2.htm (Further) Egolf Chronicles.
--jpg rt3-ge20.jpg those aren't massive shoulder pads. it's the camera angle.
--jpg rt3-gebb.jpg bad bunny? i like that.
--gif lofeps.gif
--htm lofslash.htm The Wardwell(?!) Usenet Chronicles.
--txt lof.txt
--jpg rt3-ge21.jpg sadly, the right side of her face has been jpgized into ....
--gif rt3-dart.gif holy leap of faith!
--gif rt3-sqig.gif squiggle.
--gif rt3-sqg2.gif squiggle being intruded upon by linda m. larson's squiggle.
--jpg jackie.jpg
--jpg rt3-ge22.jpg i'm only sitting to make you feel taller, shortass.
--jpg rt3-ge23.jpg we need light dammit! and a wider angle!
--jpg rt3-ge24.jpg wanted: cute alt tag jokes. write to....
--jpg rt3-ge26.jpg am i the only one who's weirded out?
--jpg rt3-ge25.jpg ooh. emoting.
--jpg rt3-ge27.jpg
--jpg rt3-gs27.jpg even with the tv interference, she looks great.
--jpg rt3-gs28.jpg lip-bite, overbite, all the same at this quality.
--jpg rt3-gs29.jpg actually, all this stuff is my mom's.
--mp3 ge-cosby.mp3
--jpg buickow.jpg
--jpg rt3-mp30.jpg i can get away with wearing orange. i have the chest for ....
--jpg rt3-mp32.jpg it's a weapon. so what if it looks like a sonic ....
--jpg rt3-mp31.jpg could i speak to that wanker The Archon? yes, i'll hold....
--jpg rt3-gs33.jpg i'm sorry, but with her hands like this, i can only think ....

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