StrifeDoom 2000


You know the drill - click on each image to see a larger version (not much larger, but....).

Stranger in a still stranger land....
One God. One Doomguy. Let's see who backs down.

The soon-to-be-not-very-peaceful town of Tarnhill.

Guards guard important things - hence the name 'guard' - and won't shoot until shot at.

The exit - speedrunners take note that you can get there without needing the keys. Of course, look at the shape I got there in....

A disgruntled citizen takes his anger out on the rebel leader.

A disgruntled citizen gets gruntled. Remember kids: If it has a gun, don't punch it!

The medic's room. If someone wasn't in the way, maybe you could see what's worth keeping behind a force field....

Your loyal troops. They like you so much, they'll abandon the rebel leader, Macil. He might not like that.

What a nice, quiet, town.

What a nice town. Is that gunfire?

What an exciting town.

What an exciting, loud town.

What an exciting, loud town. Nice action shot.

Fortunately, being dead doesn't stop the excitement.

In fact, it provides interesting camera angles.

Wow, this riot thing makes the Pirates of the Carribean look lame! We must bring the kids next time.

I just wish I could see who's doing the shooting.

Look! Fireworks!

BIG ones.

Another one! Wow, they spare no expense.

The peanut gallery gets a close-up of the firework show.

What a nice, quiet, town.

Go back! Back I say!
Run along home.
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