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While messing around with Strife1.wad I found this text, which looks like a draft of "The Oracle" segment of the original plot line to Strife. I've tidied and edited it a bit (it used to be in all capitals - thank the One God for WordPerfect:) and put it here. The Oracle’s lines are in bold, my comments are in parentheses and italics, spots where carnage ensues are signified by (...) and the good guy’s lines are plaintext. Enjoy!

What is the wisdom you seek?

The Sigil of the One God.

The remaining pieces lie wrapped in the arms in darkness. The second piece of the Sigil lies at the heart of the crimson and obsidian tower. Be warned, there the Dragon awaits you. The time of your coming has been foretold. Seek the tower, your prize lies within.

(The Dragon later became The Bishop. I suppose they figured that "The Dragon" sounded too Bruce Lee-ish.:)

What about the other pieces?

Return after you have bested the Dragon.


Have you braved the fury of the Dragon?


The next challenge may prove your greatest. The third piece lies at the heart of your own. The unknowing betrayal of your people should cease before your actions destroy them.

What are you talking about?

You are a simple pawn in this game. The third piece is held by your own leader, Macil. He is the same as that which he sends you to kill. Your unwavering faith has allowed him to step closer to completing his goals with each piece you win. He must be destroyed before he is able to obtain all the pieces.

What if he gets them all?

Then he will shed his cloak of lies and reveal his true face. He and I, like the others, are the last of a race that used to rule this world. They choose to use their power against humans, I use mine to help them. Without your people we could not survive.

Why should I trust you?

Because I am speaking the truth. Wrest from Macil, his Sigil piece. Return with it here and I will grant you the same reward as he. You may keep both the Sigil pieces and the knowledge that you are helping your people instead of working to destroy them. You must choose, I cannot let you depart if you still belong to him.

(Some choice. In case you’re wondering, telling The Oracle where to get off leads to a "Then you must die!" response from the Oracle, and then presumably more bloodshed.)

All right, I'm in.

Return here when he's dead.


Now that you have cleansed the poison from your people, your journey on the path to freedom can continue unburdened. Here are your rewards, as promised to you. Return to your friends to redeem them. The future holds greater danger, but also greater rewards.

(The original plot seemed very linear. Presumably, whether you killed Macil or The Oracle first, you went on through the Order Commons, the Factory, etc. etc., getting training and health boosts from the guy who you sided with.)

What sort of rewards?

Freedom and peace. Rewards that dwarf all those that have come before. With no leader, your movement may flounder. The faith of your people, which you once strode upon to victory, has been as badly battered as their physical forms. They need your reassurance and support.

How do you figure that?

You are the one who exposed the fraud and who holds the Sigil pieces. The restoration of faith should begin with the retrieval of the third piece. (Note: Clearly a first draft. It’s already been established that "The Dragon" had the second piece and Macil had the third. Ergo, this is really the fourth.) The darkest heart of my people clings to this piece, one who revels in subverting your race and rejoices in the degradation of those who refuse to join him.

Where can I find him?

He never leaves his laboratories on the other side of the factory. The unfortunate truth is what lies between he and you. The Order's greatest concentration of forces including, where they are built, bred, and worship. You must find your way through this maze, find and destroy the Lore Master. Bring his piece back to me and I will reward you.

(The LoreMaster’s name wasn’t one of those snappy CapitalLetterInTheMiddleOfTheWord names yet.)

How about some help?

I will be with you. There are ways for me to communicate with you, there are those with minds weaker than most, I will speak to you through them. Look for the first of these in The Order's town. That is all I may do right now.

How will I know where to look?

Near the water fall.

(Near the waterfall? Just like Richter is in the final version? Seems like the plot was REALLY generic, with you going to speak to the same people and do the same things no matter who you offed first.)


Have you destroyed the Lore Master?

Yes, he's gone.

Your rewards cannot do justice for this accomplishment. I cannot thank you enough, now I shall wield all the power of the One God and use it to crush you and your entire race.

What about peace and goodwill?

(Useless trivia - "goodwill" was the only word in the entire script not in all capital letters.)

Idiot, there can be no peace as long as the One God exists! It created us to help reap this planets energies and free it and ourselves from this miserable pit. It exists, and now I shall take its place and rule this world! The Sigil will open the door, and when I finish, I will have earned my own freedom!

I can't let you do this.

Try and stop me pitiful meat being!


The End

Okay, final analysis time. The plot seems to have been a lot more linear, with only the location of the final battles being different. However, The Oracle was IMHO scripted a lot better in this version. He acted a lot more cunning, instead of making himself look like a screwball right off the bat like he did in the final version. (Granted, I missed it, simply because I wasn’t quite listening when he spoke the line "Whatever choice you make, your kind will perish under the will of the One God.")

I also liked how he freely admitted to being "one of them" (i.e., inhuman) in this version, unlike the final one where he sort of expected you to pawn off that one-eyed cloud of death as a part of the decor. (Granted, I missed that cloud of death too, but only because I was too busy watching the cool chanting dudes.)

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