What is MBF, anyway?

Q: What is MBF, anyway?

A: One of the best source ports on the face of the earth. And I'm not just saying that because I beta tested it.:)

Q: What does it run on?

A: Some sort of DOS. MS-DOS, DRDOS, or something else that looks DOSsy.

Q: NT's DOS?

A: That's not DOS, it's a desecration. Go away.

Q: Stop being cute and just answer. NT's DOS?

A: No, not on NT. NT does not like DJGGP and Allegro (which MBF uses).

Q: Who is MBF's immediate ancestor?

A: TeamTNT's Boom. If Boom (not PRBoom or another version, but the original Boom) works for your system, you have a very good chance of getting MBF to work without a hitch.

Q: Only very good?

A: Some people have problems getting sound working in one while it works in the other. Sound on both Boom and MBF worked fine for me, but if you want further info, e-mail me and I'll see about digging the discussion up.

Q: Will there be a newer/Windows/Linux/VIC20 version of MBF?

A: Nope, as the coder (Lee Killough, of BSP fame) has moved on to other pursuits. However, David Wood (Hakx) is working on an MBF descendent called Fusion, which is looking very good indeed. When that's released I'll add a link here.

Update February 17, 2003: A bit late, but here's the link to my Fusion page. Enjoy!

Q: Why do you use MBF so much?

A: Because I like it, and it gets the job done. And it doesn't have a memory leak that quickly renders it worthless, like the last DOS version of some other source port (cough, cough, ZDoom, cough).

Q: Where can I download MBF?

A: If I were as rich as AOL, I'd send it to you on a disk several times a month. But I'm not, so you'll need to take the initiative and head on over to:

Doomworld's DOS source port page. Run by Mordeth, and a damn fine page.

3darchives's source directory. Just look for MBF.ZIP, or MBFSRC.ZIP.

Q: What if I have a techie question?

A: Check my MBF Tech Support page. If the answer isn't there, e-mail me and I'll answer to the best of my abilities.

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