Ah, the much-belated engine. It's as finished as it's going to get, so here it is.

(March 13th, 2003 AD: Well, it seems I forgot to credit David Wood, the programmer. Ooops. Thing's been on my hard drive so long I'm starting to think of it as my own. David's vanished into the background, though, so for now I am the main connection. If you really need the programmer, mail me and I'll try to dig him up. After all, I'm the guy who buried him.:)

How's it work? Simple. Use MBF? Want more features and things like jumping? You got it. Want OpenGL? Go somewhere else. Still DOS-mode, baby.

As to questions, concerns, etc. about anything here, or even the engine in general, I'm your support guy. Mail me (and put "Fusion" somewhere in the subject line, else my spam filter might kill it) and I'll get back to you within a few days. All good questions will be collected into the first draft of an instruction manual. (As it is now, figuring out stuff like jumping and all that is mostly trial and error and looking through the menu items to see what changed - I tried to write documentation and realized I was going to forget half the important stuff. I decided it was easier to let people ask me questions I could answer rather than trying to think of what the questions could/would/should be. Sorry, but my time is at a premium these days - 50 hour work week if you count the commute and the time they don't pay me for that I'm stuck at work - and I've taken a liking to whichever method's time-cheap for me.)

Your choices:
Download Fusion
Contents: fusion.exe, fusion.txt, textdemo.zip.

Some new features: Low gravity sectors, tons of codepointers, jumping, and a bunch of empty frames and items for DEHers.

Download Fusion Source Code
Contents: Tons of source stuff, with the above three files in the OBJ subdirectory, along with a file called R_things.o that I can't fathom.

Download the demo pack, even though it's included with the two zips above.
Contents: 8 files in 3 directories....
dehackin.txt - New frames, things, and codepointers and their use.
Grav\GRAV.WAD - A demo of the low-gravity. Just jump on the tech-floor area.
Grav\grav.txt - The long-winded version of the above paragraph.
Movers\barrel.deh - Moving barrels. Barrels of Fun is now Barrels of Madness.
Movers\boomerpl.deh - Boomerang plasma. Requires a bit of room to get the boomereffect going.
Trantest\TRANTEST.TXT - Transparency test. Now different things can have different transparency levels.
Trantest\TRANTEST.DEH - DEH for transparency test. Makes imp transparent.
Trantest\TRANTEST.WAD - WAD for transparency test, containing imp-specific transparency lump.

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