Oh, wow! - 03-26-2003 18:09:02
My very own blog! K3wl! I'll update every day! Mail me! Wooo!


BTW, lookit the kw3l ascii art! .-. ((`-) \\ \\ .="""=._)) / ., .' /__(,_.-' ` /| /_|__ | `)) | jgs -"==

It's a flammingo!

Current Mood: [Face] Happy!

Current Tunes: Metallica vs. The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star (Moby Remix)

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This sucks - 03-27-2003 9:45:36
I can't think of anything. This is lame! Blogs suck! U suck!

Current Mood: [Face] Angry!

Current Tunes: Tommy Lee (w/ Pamela Anderson) - Loud Slurping Noises

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The public is lame. - 03-28-2003 6:06:06
Why'd yu guys flame me! I just said u sucked! No need to take that personally! It's not nice! U ALL SUX0R1z!!!

Current Mood: [Face] Ripped

Current Tunes: Les Sissy - Madonna's Really A Guy In Drag

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LOL! - 03-29-2003 3:29:03

Current Mood: [Face] LOL!

Current Tunes: Ell Oh Ell - Are Oh Tee Eff Ell

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Why? - 03-29-2003 14:16:15
Ssuasn, I loved u so much and u tore my heart out. How could u! I LOVED U FOR ALL THOSE HOURS AND NOW I SEE U'R LIVING WITH FRED, U CHEAP HORE!!!!!

Maybe we could go out again on Saturday?

Current Mood: [Face] Sad

Current Tunes: Wax and Sodomy - ChainzChairz

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Cuz - 03-29-2003 15:14:16
Oh, Fred's yur brother. So that's why you parents don't mind. Never mind. We still on for Saturday?

Current Mood: [Face] Sorry

Current Tunes: ChainzChairz - Wax and Sodomy

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COOOL! COLL! - 03-30-2003 23:59:59
Man, that movie R0<>0RD!!!! Yeah!

Current Mood: [Face] Rockin'!

Current Tunes: Lloyd of the Rings - The To Tawers - Soundtrack (W/ abunch of popz and cracks cuz its from a lame Grokster user who ca'nt rip or spell.)

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Shrug - 03-31-2003 04:17:79
I can't be bothered with anything recently. I haven't even been up to anything today. My life's been really bland. I just don't have much to say.

Current Mood: [Face] blah

Current Tunes: Dead Monkey Razz - Winkie Sink

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WTF? - 04-01-2003 01:20:19


The real thoughts are here. And they'll be back in their rightful place April 2nd.:) And thanks to The Brunching Shuttlecocks' Lore Sjoberg for unwittingly providing the template for this page. Also, thanks to Strong Sad for being a fictional character with a "real" blog, giving me the inspiration to do the opposite. Big thanks to my lame-ass typing skills for accidentally messing up the NBSP (Non-Breaking SPace) code and leaving it in as part of the joke. (If you can't see it, uhh, never mind.) Thanks to the 24 Games series for the base I took the happy face icons from. And thanks to Laurie Hickson-Smith (of Trading Spaces) for being the first name to pop into my mind when I thought of "Married Redhead".

Current Mood: [Face] Twisted, obviously.

Current Tunes: Lizzie Borden - There Will Be Blood Tonight (Only real song on this list... I hope.)

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