Why Halifax/Dartmouth is a booming tourist center:

Okay, here's something from the local paper.

Jimmy Rankin struts through Ralph's Place in Dartmouth as exotic dancing girls move to the beat of his catchy new single, Followed Her Around.

No, Rankin hasn't delved into the world of exotic performance, he chose the strip club as the locale for his new video.

(...) "George went up and asked the dancers if they wanted to be in Jimmy Rankin's video," Mia says.

Now, get a load of the 'exotic dancers'. These are women, presumably typical for Halifax/Dartmouth, who get paid to take their clothes off. I'd pay them to keep their clothes on:

Caption from the paper: Jimmy Rankin is about to pull away in a '64 Ford Galaxie convertible with local dance choreographer Veronique MacKenzie-Bourne and Ralph's Place exotic dancers Nya, Jade and Jordy.

Caption from the paper: Mabou-born singer / songwriter Jimmy Rankin mugs with some dancers who took part in his video for Followed Her Around.

So, come to Nova Scotia. Head into Dartmouth, look for Ralph's Place. And you can see these voluptuous maidens (except for the choreographer - the one who looks like a man) taking their clothes off! Wow!

And I would like to personally send a word of condolence to photographer Grey Guy, who had to take these pictures. Man oh man, his job bites it.

Update, October 7, 2001 AD: They've done it again. This time with belly dancers. Looking at almost any one of the six Halifax belly dancers shown, you'd think "belly" dancing refers to dancing with your gut hanging over your pants!

Update, December 7, 2001 AD: Just so you know, that Jimmy Rankin video mentioned above, Followed Her Around, is up for several East Coast Music Awards, including Best Single and (yagggh!) Best Video.

Now, maybe people will believe me when I say that the ECMAs suck.

Update, January 31, 2002 AD: Last week Veronique MacKenzie-Bourne was in the paper again, kitted out like a ballerina. I was impressed. She looked more like an Alice than an Alice Cooper.

Veronique Bourne in Undone! Update, June 23, 2005 AD: In the words (or letters) of many internet denizens, OMGWTFBBQ. From the local paper: Undone!, created and performed by dancer/choreographer Veronique Bourne, a tale of Velcrowoman who does the career woman/mother/mistress thing and over-the-hill ballet legend Vitorio Marcello Bomenio, July 19 to 22.

I'm willing to bet that there's only one Veronique Bourne out there, MacKenzie or sans-MacKenzie. And here she is, dressed like a guy. A guy. Fake mustache and everything. And she looks more like a woman than she did in those shots above. Man, this is like, woah.

So was it lousy lighting that caused the shots above? Poor photography? Misalignment of the moons of Jupiter? What?

Update, Feb 8, 2006 AD: And again! Picture! Newspaper! Woman! Looks like! WTF?

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