SLIGEing for level names

You know David Chess, he of Slige fame? Well, he posted this to Usenet way back when and I just stumbled across it. Enjoy! (BTW, I'm not taking the blame for any naughty words in this section.:)

Subject: 250 DooMy Names

Over on the Doomnation forums, someone asked for suggestions for a name for his new level-set. For some reason this request managed to take over a minor subsystem in my brain, and over the next couple of days I gave him a couple hundred suggestions. In an attempt to purge my mind of this insidious name-making loop, I thought I'd dump the list here; there are 250 of them now! Feel free to use any or all of these as far as I'm concerned; note that some of them are no doubt already taken. Some of them are also Very Silly...

Day of Dread
Death and Despair
Kill Chasm
Absolute Zero
Red Veil
Mouth of Evil
Horror Night
Hideous Math Teachers
Abundant Fury
Blasted Waste
The Moral Majority
Shoot the Bunnies
Burn, Enemies, Burn
Eat Hot Lead, Running Dog Cyberdemons
Engines of Despair
Raw Fury
Chasm of Hatred
Death Moon
Eternal Spite
Bad Hair Day
Day of the Dead
Stuttering Corpses
Body Parts Flying in All Directions
Massive Internal Hemmorage
Everything Dies
Limited Time Only
Endless Terror
Take That, You Naughty Monsters!
Blood Trail
Rotten Fields
Aces High
Last Meal
The End of Life
Deathtime Garauntee
Land of the Lost
Play It By Ear
Mind Bomb
The Tomb of Time
The Unveiled
Pain Calling
Extreme Decision
Ground Zero
Beyond Zero
Beyond Pain
Beyond Death
Right to Die
Rites of Evil
The Power of Hatred
Dolly Parton
Zombies United
Horrific Visions
Drug Dream
Fever City
The Unfettered
Painful Memory
Fun with High Explosives
No Respect
Ultimate Unction
Venusian Vampire Vixens (that'd have to be a TC, of course)
Eat My Shorts
Badasses from Duluth
The Nasty Ones
The Final Trouble
Rat's Mouth
Paint the Town Red
Ambush at Amafrey
Intestinal Dispute
Brotherly Hatred
Infernal Night
No More Dawns
Ask for it by Name
Plunged in Fire
Acid Bath
Torment Street
The Way of all Flesh
Dusty Death
Caverns of Iron
Stress Point
Blood Fountain
Mind Warp
Terror in the Streets
Death of a Marine
Squashed Brains
Gag me with a Spoon
Shotgun Season
Ammo Dump
Red Christmas
Big Sale at the Mall
Hungry Evil
Death Dealers
Watch your Back
Hellspawn Redux
The Name is Bond
Tales of Agony
Sorrow Pass
Road Hog
Mud Grave
The Path of Despair
Mount Doom
Secrets of Gore (Al Gore?)
Utter Void
Vengance of Pluto
No Deeper Night
Infernal Rules
No Holds Barred
Crispy Critters
Fire Brigade
Nullity as a Way of Life
Practice Makes Perfect
Damnation Beach
Blood Sea
Vision of Turmoil
Sugarplum Demons
Sweet Revenge
Study War No More
Alliance of Hate
Sin Alley
Swept Away
Too Many Cooks
Official Evil
Devil's Due
The General Is Dead
Take Two
Friday Afternoon
Final Rampage
Eat Shit and Die
Shark Fest
Feed the Earth with your Blood
Screaming Meemies
A Dream Before Dying
Avid Groceries
Do Not Enter
Take my Life, Please
Stolen Seconds
Artificial Evil
Hell Waits
The Hellbender
Devil Brigade
Dust Unto Dust
Grave Songs
Sing to the Devil
Raw Meat
Silicon Inferno
Bill Gates Lives
Only Takes a Minute
Unique Atrocity
Feral Quay
The Shores of Despair
At the Abatoir
Fire Field
The Killing Wind
He Who Hesitates
Golden Death
Stark Terror
Only a Feeble Mind
Death Ship
A Terrible Thing to Waste
Across the Void
Ages of Evil
Death's Child
Source of Terror
The Yellow Pit
Dark Elves
Rome Burns
Sea of Lead
Heart of the Flame
The Lost Brigade
Last Man Standing
Sharp Stick in the Eye
The Cold Gaze
Alien Blood
Nowhere to Hide
Metal Fever
Steel Assasin
The Age of Fury
Night of Fire
Compound Interest
Fractured World
The Sound of Violence
Death City
Machinery of Fear
No Exit
Fifth Wave
The Unforgiven
None Shall Pass
Grave Street
Tempo 1000
No Regrets
Promises Broken
Silent Forever
Treaty Violation
Invaders from Neptune
A Knife in the Back
Target Acquired
Let's Go Kill Something
Blind Fury
Vengance is Bitter
Last Refuge
Without Mercy
Beyond Law
The Taste of Spite
Nice Tits
Stand and Deliver
Firing Line
Whites of their Eyes
Steady On
Now or Never
Zebart Toll
Child of Wrath
Dark Throne
His Satanic Majesty
No Prisoners
Devil's Reach
No Alternative
Expiration Date
The Unblessed
Metal Fatigue
Breaking Point
Bred by Despair
Disciplined Flesh
Melted Minds
Organized Chaos
The Sun Shall Fall
A Thousand Deaths


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